World Population Clock: 8.0 Billion People (15 NOV 2022) ...
The world population is 8.0 billion and this figure is rapidly expanding according to the most recent United Nations estimates elaborated by Worldometer
The term "World Population" refers to the total number of humans currently living in the world. This has more than doubled in 50 years and reached 7 Billion in 2011.
There is an impending catastrophe: poverty and lack of space to grow food, leading to more conflict and wars over land and water resources. This is the growing elephant in the room. We are striving to halt this growth through education and campaigning pressure.


Our Object as a charity is to EDUCATE PEOPLE IN THE NEED TO LIMIT THE GROWTH OF THE WORLD’S POPULATION BY HAVING A SMALL FAMILY SIZE. The optimum number of babies per woman is two within her lifetime. Thus two children will replace two adults. We will campaign using websites, literature, advertising, talks at forums and by collaborating on campaigns with like minded charities, NGOs and other agencies.


TANZANIA POPULATION SURVEY 2022: We completed a face to face street survey of over 2,000 persons across Tanzania from January to April 2022.
A Tanzania national has been appointed TANZANIA POPULATION SURVEY ANALYST to analyse and publish the survey results by December 2022.
15 questions were posed, the final key question being “IS THERE A CONNECTION BETWEEN POVERTY AND LARGE FAMILY SIZE? “ Other questions relate to family size and contraception.
Tanzania is one of 16 countries whose population is not only increasing rapidly (2.9% annual increase) but whose rate of population growth is accelerating.

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