We are a UK charitable trust formed in 2021. Our overarching charitable Aim is expressed as Education. Our practical Objective is to stabilise the human population of the world at below 11 billion as of the year 2100. The United Nations Population Department DESA predicts a tailing off of world human population growth before 2100. We challenge this and believe that it may continue to grow after reaching 11 billion. The means to achieve our Objective include our practical projects: Conduct statistical research including street surveys in countries with high population growth: Educate key members of the public and ourselves about the reasons for high population growth: Give financial grants to establish sister foundations around the world particularly in countries with high population growth: Provide funds, educational material, equipment, resources and other assistance.


1. OBJECT (Charitable Purpose)

Education of the public in the field of human procreation, family planning and health with particular reference to the societal and environmental consequences of high population growth especially poverty and the consequent need to limit the number of children born per woman.



The purpose is to be achieved by educating persons of all ages that there can be a correlation between large family size and poverty including food and water poverty; that a low number of births per woman (optimally two) will be beneficial in alleviating food and water poverty.
Education may be conducted using appropriate means that include websites, books and other published works, films and public talks by trustees, staff and volunteers. We provide advice, advocacy and support for individuals and relevant organisations.



Public Benefit is the alleviation of poverty of various kinds. Beneficiaries comprise the entire human population of the world.



To attain its objectives 17billion shall co-operate with other national, regional and international organisations.