After our foundation was formed in 2021, trustees decided that research will be key to 17billion becoming known as a charity and to becoming an important and respected contributor to the population debate. 

The UN DESA Population Department’s WORLDOMETER platform gives (via an algorithm) the current population of most countries, plus related data such as fertility rates and projections. In 2021 using WORLDOMETER we identified 20 countries that not only have a fast-rising population but also have an increase in their rate of increase. Tanzania is one of them, and so we chose to conduct our first street survey of over 2,000 people in Tanzania in January-April  2022. The 2022 official Tanzania government census later revealed that the population of Tanzania rose by 27.3% in just 10 years September 2012 to September 2022. 


Our survey planning is currently:-


2025 – France, Italy

2028 – Afghanistan

2031 – Palestine


10 volunteers are sought for each research assignment.


“Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expecting his 8th child”. [Mail on Saturday, UK].