HYENAS, cheetahs and wild dogs are disappearing from the African savannah, a study finds. Habitat loss, persecution by humans and reduced prey are driving them to extinction [report in the journal Peer J, reported in Metro newspaper 25 Nov 2022]


“The biggest cause of extinctions is habitat destruction. We know that all organisms need appropriate habitats and when you destroy the habitats you are wiping out populations. The basic cause of the extinction episode of the sixth mass extinction is the much too large size of the human enterprise.”


Dr Paul Erlhich of Stanford University states “Our species should more accurately be classified as ‘Homo Moronicus rather than Homo Sapiens’.


“If we have children, will there be more extinctions of animals? What about having no children and instead become a volunteer for 17billion?”

The key malign influence in destroying whole species and possibly our own existence on our planet is the UNSUSTAINABLE RISE IN THE HUMAN POPULATION

Q: Why?

A: Larger population requires more food, more land to grow food, more fish from the sea, more water, more buildings, more factories, more energy, more resources of every kind. What happens when the resources run out?